Our Deli consists of quality cold meats and a variety of beef biltong at our kiosk.


Our Deli consists of quality cold meats. Beef roast, gammon, pastrami, peppered beef, ham loaf, mortadella, pickled tongue, brisket and a variety of salami’s, parmaham as well as carpaccio. Meat platters are custom made to suit all occasions and should be ordered in advance. We believe in local! We stock honey, pecan nuts, dried fruit, dates, raisins and many more from our local farmers.

Biltong Kiosk

The kiosk offers a variety of beef-biltong, sticks, droëwors, landjagers or cabanossi and powder biltong for that special treat. Skinless droëwors is our new treat in this range. Biltong gift packs as well as biltong cones are most popular – who would not like such a treat!

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