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OUR BLOG Jan 2020

All About Lamb

We are very fortunate to have excellent, free range lamb from this area, which is known for its distinctive flavour and quality.

Delicious treats such as kebabs, shanks, racks, variety of chops, “Greek style” leg, riblets and deboned rib are a few to name.

The versatility of lamb’s cooking methods makes of this product a feast every time. Whether it is slow roasting, a stew or braai, it never disappoints.

Internal temperatures varies from 60°C(rare) to 70°C (well done) thus 65°C for medium.

The grading of lamb is A0-6, where A2/3 is most popular. AB-grade lamb is more mature and tasty but still tender. Both grades are excellent for braai as well as other cooking methods. Mutton range from Grade B and C and best for slow roasting and stews although when it is ripened/matured which enhances the texture and taste of meat, it can be used for braai as well.

Leg of lamb three ways – Deboned or Bone In:
Stuffed with anchovies, garlic, rosemary and rubbed with mustard, salt and pepper results an excellent cut for braaiing in the Weber or coal braai (can be spit braai as well) and most popular for your Sunday Lunch, the oven roast.

Dukkha (a mixture of seeds and spices) and pesto to serve with your thinly sliced lamb strips or Roasted Potatoes and Steamed Vegetables will compliment your roast. Serving leg of lamb at room temperature with our sweet mustard on a summers day (which Upington is most known for)
Slow roasting this cut is ideal for preparing pulled lamb – a perfect left over snack!

Lamb cubes not only ideal for the perfect kebab but also great for stews!

Make the most of your lamb!
Bon Apetit

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