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  Upington Slaghuis Butchery    

Upington Butchery, not only a family business but also a house hold name.  With passion for the trade, quality and variety  meat & meatproducts, we ensure that our clientele have a unique shopping experience.

The butchery’s  signature lies with our unique recipes such as “Eben se Wenwors”, beefbiltong the traditional way and our preservative free dried wors, a few to mention.

Meatplatters, biltong gift packs, variety spices, braai boma pots and handpainted ceremics are some of the products in the beautiful gift range we offer.  Tourism is very important to us and therefore we believe “what meets the eye must be pleasant”.

Home made as well as exotic cold meats from our deli, dried fruit, dates, pecan nuts and grapeseed oil are all local products. 

We invite you to visit our butchery for a pleasant as well as tasteful experience.

Orders can be done in advance – we vacuum pack for convenience!

  Upington Slaghuis Butchery    
Upington Slaghuis Butchery    
Eben is back in Upington Slaghuis after 15 years!!

We are fortunate to have such a unique product together with our biltong & driedwors made from our original recipes!

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"Ons is baie opgewonde oor ons nuwe webtuiste waar u ook aanlyn bestellings kan plaas! Volg ons op facebook. Met ‘n kreatiewe span kan dit nie anders as om u te bederf met alle lekkernye en nuwighede!

Upington is op Kyknet ontbytsake op 4 April en Upington Slaghuis is deel hiervan! Ons sien uit om u in die slaghuis te sien!
Wees verseker van flinke diens en kwaliteit vleis en vleisprodukte." Die slaghuis span
  Upington Slaghuis Butchery  
  24 Scott street, Upington, 8800
Tel (054) 332 1781 Faks (054) 332 1782
e-mail: dalene@uptslaghuis.co.za
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